Dat Dip

Dat Dip’s three flavors (Cajun Boy, Garlic, and Lemon) each come in a 16 oz. squeeze bottle with a flip top cap designed to resemble a crawfish trap that is familiar to everyone in south Louisiana. The Cajun Boy flavor has a spicy Cajun kick that goes great on everything and is also our top seller. Loved by all who have tried it, our Garlic flavor is made with real minced garlic and goes well with everything. Dat Dip Lemon is often a first choice for boiled shrimp and fried fish (but also goes well with chicken nuggets and French fries). It is mix with a custom blended lemon pepper and has a less spicy flavor.

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Price & Size $3.99 / 16oz.

Dat Fish Fry

Dat Fish Fry is available in a 16 oz. bag and a 6 lb. resealable container. Enhanced with Dat Seasoning, it truly has flavor you can see! Dat Fish Fry is also a great batter for shrimp, chicken and vegetables! “Dat Make a Choupique taste like a Sac-a-lait.”

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Dat Seasoning

Dat Seasoning was originally created to be used as the seasoning for Dat Dip. It has a flavor that sets it apart from other seasoning blends, and it’s loved by everyone who has tried it. Dat Seasoning is made with finely ground spices which Cajuns love, since they dissolve more quickly into your food & tastebuds. Dat Seasoning goes great on fried foods, meats, fish and wild game or whatever else a Cajun can shake it on.

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Price & Size $3.38 / 8oz.

Dat Seafood Boil

Dat Seafood Boil is made with just the right amount of spices to give it a spicy garlic flavor without a real salty taste. Dat Seafood Boil is designed to dissolve into your crawfish/seafood so all of the flavor is soaked up by the seafood being boiled. This product is sure to impress and don’t forget to eat whatever you’ve boil with some of Dat Dip!

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Dat Cajun Boy T-Shirts

Show how much you love your favorite Cajun products! Dat Cajun Boy's Co. now offers t-shirts featuring either the Dat Dip or Dat Fish Fry logo. Available in all sizes.

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Price: $15.00